Our Mission:

    At the NEURONprocessing Institute we have dedicated ourselves to the issues of “More access to our brain, learning, knowledge and its dissemination”. We offer free applications on these topics. These are open to everyone, who wants to use his brain more effectively and wants to publish his knowledge. Costs only apply in the case of professional usage.
    Companies, organizations and research institutions can engage our THINKtank, that uses our innovative methods.


    In our everyday life our habitual ways of thinking and established perception patterns can be surrounded with the NEURONprocessor – providing us with significantly better solutions, concepts, decisions, and much more: through more personal knowledge and optional swarm intelligence.

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    NEURONpublisher Preparing our new or existing knowledge and distributing it worldwide can be achieved with the NEURONpublisher – for free or commercially: Web-based software for authors and reader Apps for browsers, tablets and smartphones. NEW: Subscriptions for Online Books

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    BRAINfood Blog

    Our brain is largely unexplored. Every day brain science provides us with new and fascinating research findings. Our BRAINfood Blog gives an overview of the applicable knowledge in everyday life – for business and private usage.

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    Let your Brain & Knowledge lift off

    With our applications, events and research results

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    Fresh BRAINfood

    With the topics brain, learning, knowledge and Publishing

    Using Magnets on the Brain to Bring Back Memories

    New research is challenging the idea that working memory helps…
    17th January 2017/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    More information depth and perception with our brain in the future

    Our NEURONprocessor software is based on the basic research "Symbolic…
    19th October 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    To anticipate and optimize the future

    As an institute, we now turn to the development of new knowledge…
    18th October 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    We renamed our institute to „Institute for Brain & Future Research“

    We renamed our institute to "Institute for Brain & Future…
    17th October 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    Coming soon: Tip of the week

    Tips of the week will soon be available in english ...
    14th June 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    Coming soon: Project of the week

    Projects of the week will soon be available in english ...
    14th June 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz
    Baby Father Sleep - Baby Vater Schlafen

    Are we really rebalancing the brain while we sleep?

    Rebalancing the brain BrainBlogger presents new findings regarding…
    17th May 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    Do we have to rethink analytical thinking versus sudden insights?

    The core of our NEURONprocessor is based on working with first…
    14th May 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    Manipulation of Specific Neurons Helps to Erase Bad Memories and Enhance Good Ones

    Stony Brook researchers discover a method to change emotionally…
    10th May 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    Brain-Zapping Headphones Could Make You a Better Athlete

    Dan Chao is an avid cyclist who likes to train on a stationary…
    8th May 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    Why Fish Intake by Pregnant Women Improves the Growth of a Child’s Brain

    Take your lady to the sushi bar - especially when a new family…
    4th February 2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

    NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.5

    We have uploaded a new update. Here are the most important changes. The…
    21st September 2015/by Dirk Jacobasch

    Take us at our word …

    What users say about us!

    Karin B.

    The NEURONprocessor has become a tool to me, to get more out of my brain: information that can not surface in my busy everyday life.

    Karin B.Architecture with the NEURONprocessor
    Hendrik B.

    Since I use the NEURONprocessor, I do not longer have the problem, to circle around a problem, when I have to take a decision.

    Hendrik B.CEOuses the NEURONprocessor
    Dirk R.

    I use the NEURONprocessor with my development team, to overcome mental barriers and development hurdles. Since then, everything runs much smoother and my projects are moving ahead.

    Dirk R.R&D Healthcareuses the NEURONprocessor
    Erika S.

    I use the NEURONprocessor as an additional distribution channel besides my books and eBooks. I wish I could exclusively sell about this platform, because I have 90% margin!

    Erika S.Authoruses the NEURONpublisher
    Christoph K.

    As a pan-European coach, I finally found a platform, allowing me to make available all my standard contents to my trainees. And additional sales in the NEURONpublisher Store open up new customers to me.

    Christoph K.Trainer & Coachuses the NEURONpublisher
    John S.

    With the NEURONpublisher we do have the ability, to provide our worldwide “Star Citizen” fan base with up to date books about the game at any time. Since changes or additions are immediately available … and all of this for no costs at all.

    John S.Community Manageruses the NEURONpublisher