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Our brain is largely unexplored. Every day brain science provides us with new and fascinating research findings. Our BRAINfood Blog gives an overview of the applicable knowledge in everyday life – for business and private usage. And the latest news about NEURONprocessing,  NEURONprocessor und NEURONpublisher.

To think and to let think

This is the first BRAINfood of our institute this year.
27.02.2017/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Using Magnets on the Brain to Bring Back Memories

New research is challenging the idea that working memory helps…
17.01.2017/by Thomas Tankiewicz

More information depth and perception with our brain in the future

Our NEURONprocessor software is based on the basic research "Symbolic…
19.10.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

To anticipate and optimize the future

As an institute, we now turn to the development of new knowledge…
18.10.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

We renamed our institute to „Institute for Brain & Future Research“

We renamed our institute to "Institute for Brain & Future…
17.10.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Coming soon: Tip of the week

Tips of the week will soon be available in english ...
14.06.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Coming soon: Project of the week

Projects of the week will soon be available in english ...
14.06.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz
Baby Father Sleep - Baby Vater Schlafen

Are we really rebalancing the brain while we sleep?

Rebalancing the brain
BrainBlogger presents new findings regarding…
17.05.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Do we have to rethink analytical thinking versus sudden insights?

The core of our NEURONprocessor is based on working with first…
14.05.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Manipulation of Specific Neurons Helps to Erase Bad Memories and Enhance Good Ones

Stony Brook researchers discover a method to change emotionally…
10.05.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Brain-Zapping Headphones Could Make You a Better Athlete

Dan Chao is an avid cyclist who likes to train on a stationary…
08.05.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Why Fish Intake by Pregnant Women Improves the Growth of a Child’s Brain

Take your lady to the sushi bar - especially when a new family…
04.02.2016/by Thomas Tankiewicz

NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.5

We have uploaded a new update. Here are the most important changes.

21.09.2015/by Dirk Jacobasch

NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.4

Today we have uploaded a new update. Here are the most important…
03.09.2015/by Dirk Jacobasch

Authors and Content wanted: Online Books, eLearning and eBooks

We are looking for authors and interesting content: expert knowledge,…
03.09.2015/by Thomas Tankiewicz

BRAINfood – monthly news: For demanding & expansive brains

Our monthly BRAINfood, NEURONprocessor und NEURONpublisher news…
22.08.2015/by Thomas Tankiewicz

Sleep Research: The dramaturgy of the night

For all who want a better and more restful sleep, we have this…
04.08.2015/by Thomas Tankiewicz

NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.1

Hello everyone,

the new update 2.1.1 brings the following…
03.08.2015/by Dirk Jacobasch

NEURONpublisher 2.1.0 Update brings subscriptions to online books

Hello everyone,

with the new update 2.1.0 we are introducing…
14.07.2015/by Dirk Jacobasch

NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.0 ahead

We want to inform our registered NEURONpublisher user, about…
13.07.2015/by Dirk Jacobasch

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