To think and to let think

This is the first BRAINfood of our institute this year.
It’s about:
“To think and to let think …”

Thinking in itself is already a very good thing, which can only be topped by one other thing:

Let others Think!

Why do successful companies and project developers spend more and more money on external thinking in the last few years? It’s simple: because they benefit extremely  and because it pays off!

In order to make ​​”external thinking” easy to handle and cost-effective, we officially launched our NEURONcreator think-tank at the beginning of 2017.

Right now, in the start-up phase, of course, we want to convince as many customers as possible of our extraordinary think-tank services.

This is why we offer start-up-conditions until March 6th. This creates a WIN-situation for both sides: you as a customer benefit from uniquely favorable conditions and we get our think-tank to fly.

And from the experience of our pilot projects, we know: whoever flies with us – will always do it …

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Self thinking!

If you want to give your own thinking an extreme thrust, we have the right software for you: the NEURONprocessor. It´s functionality the basis for the work in our think tank.

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More information depth and perception with our brain in the future

Our NEURONprocessor software is based on the basic research “Symbolic Systems Program” of Stanford University. We have now extended this to include the research results of the diploma thesis “Morphic Fields of Orientation? An empirical study” by the graduate psychologist Uwe E. Volk, who now also enriches our institute team. Thus the NEURONprocessor offers in the future an even more focussed access to the deeper information levels of the brain – while at the same time intensifying its perception (* morphic / associative resonance).


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Graduate psychologist Uwe E. Volk »

To anticipate and optimize the future

As an institute, we now turn to the development of new knowledge and innovative solutions, concepts and products that help shape our future. We offer our applications and our know-how:

NEURONprocessing »

Institute for Brain & Future Research

NEURONprocessor »

Brain & perception management

NEURONcreator »

Innovative think tank with fair prices

NEURONpublisher »

Publish even interactive online books and eBooks

BRAINfood »

Human brain, neurobiology, neurology, neuroinformatics, psychology, ethics and concepts such as learning, consciousness, thinking, language, emotion and free will.

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We renamed our institute to „Institute for Brain & Future Research“

We renamed our institute to “Institute for Brain & Future Research”. We revert to our roots when we started in 1996 as the almost equal-named “ISFR – Institute for Brain Research, Science & Future Research”. On the basis of its basic research results, we have developed our software / apps as a company in recent years.

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BRAINfood – monthly news: For demanding & expansive brains

Our monthly BRAINfood, NEURONprocessor und NEURONpublisher news provide a brief overview of the most important innovations and discoveries at our institute. In this post you’ll find links to the monthly news and other messages.
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NEURONpublisher is “Best of Category” at the germany “Innovation Award IT 2015”

Again – after 2012 – the NEURONpublisher is “Best of Category – eLearning” at the germany “Innovation Award IT 2015“. More details to follow soon!


BestOf E-Learning 2015

New Star Citizen eBook – A Separate Law

A new english Star Citizen eBook is available in the NEURONpublisher eBook store for free.

You can find the eBook at the following link: