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  • NEURONprocessing Institute

    For applied Brain Science, Learning and Publishing

  • Thomas Tankiewicz

    Head of the Institute & Co-Founder

  • Dirk Jacobasch

    Head of Development & Co-Founder


NEURONprocessing Institut

For applied Brain Science, Learning and Publishing

In 2006, Thomas Tankiewicz and Dirk Jacobasch founded the  NEURONprocessing Institute for applied Brain Science, Learning and Publishing. It emerged from the 1996 founded ISFR – Institute for perception,consciousness and brain research. There, the theoretical foundations for today’s applications were created.

Thomas Tankiewicz

Thomas Tankiewicz

Co-Founder & Head of Institute

Thomas Tankiewicz is a former science journalist, publisher and co-founded the ISFR. Since 1994 he is committed with heart and soul to the topics of applied perception, consciousness and brain research. He heads the Institute and supervises the NEURONprocessor users (Solver).

Dirk Jacobasch

Dirk Jacobasch

Co-Founder & Head of Development

Dirk Jacobasch started programming at the age of 14. He already laid the foundation for our today’s applications back in 1998 at the ISFR. He manages the entire development and supports the NEURONpublisher authors.

Uwe E. Volk

Uwe E. Volk

Instituts-Psychologe und Master-Trainer

Uwe E. Volk ist ausgebildeter Bankkaufmann und multiparadigmatisch-orientierter Diplom-Psychologe. Er ist mit seinem ganzen Wesen daran interessiert gewillten Menschen einfach (ihnen eigene) psychologische Sachverhalte zu vermitteln, um so für ein sinnvolleres und wirtschaftlicheres Miteinander einzustehen. Seit 2015 ist er psychologischer Berater und Master-Trainer am NEURONprocessing Institut.

» Uwes Website: Ich bin empathisch

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Our Network

We are working together

throughout the world

with a network of people

from all different

kind of areas.

  • Solver

    For cooperative work on NEURONprocessor assignments respectively projects.

  • Designer

    For the production of interactive NEURONpublisher books and eBooks.

  • Authors

    For the creation of content on the international NEURONpublisher Store.

  • Developers

    For the development of our Apps.

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