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From the surface into the depth

In our everyday life we are swimmers at the surface of the lake of our perceptions.

Everything you do with your brain in everyday life, is limited to the perception at the surface.

To explore the depths of this lake and its vastness above, we need a vehicle:

The “NEURONprocessor”.

Universal vehicle of perception

The NEURONprocessor is an “All-in-one vehicle for your perception”, because you can use it to explore the associative widths above you:

  • how could you …,
  • what would it take to …
  • what could have happened …
  • how could this and that be solved and / or optimized …

You need more reasons?

The NEURONprocessor is the universal perception, creativity, problem solving, concept development aaaaaaaaand brainstorming technique.

A unique platform for brain training, that overcomes established thinking.

Easy to use

With the NEURONprocessor you can heavily increase access to your brain

+ Perceive & Creative

You will expand your perception strongly and be more creative


Solve your personal or professional problems more quickly and effectively

Concept development

Develop your personal or professional concepts faster and better

Future control

Actively manage and optimize your future

Ideation & more

With the NEURONprocessor you can develop breakthrough ideas and much more …

The NEURONprocessor is a tool based on modern brain research – allowing you to use a new path into your brain.

As simple as that, shows you our brief introduction video:

All functions in detail

Here you will find all NEURONprocessor functions described in detail »

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