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NEURONprocessor for your personal use

The NEURONprocessor provides you with all the necessary tools, to dig deeper and more associatively into your brain. This way you surpass the limitations of your everyday perception and thinking by simply surrounding the established programming of your brain.

The following functions are available to you:

News & Updates

Before you start working with the NEURONprocessor, check for new features and updates to the application, so you can consider these in your work with the app.


Formulate for each of your projects an assignment, which provides your brain with a precise specification of what information is required. Focussing your brain on a given task is essential for the proper acquisition of the necessary information with the NEURONprocessor.


After you created an assignment, you can send your brain on a mission. Like an agent who needs to obtain important information. Because our brain learns and works best when it has fun doing it.


After you conducted and revised your mission, you are going to analyze the obtained data. The separation of data acquisition and data analysis is essential to the NEURONprocessor. Because in “daily operation” our brain analyzes perceived information too much in patterns, which is vital in everyday life. But this leads to misinterpretations and prevents us from accessing the underlying information.

Application of your data

When you are done with the analysis, you can integrate your obtained data immediately into your work in progress, projects, troubleshooting, etc..


You have the option to copy your NEURONprocessor data – for example in form of:

  • TEXT: Word, Pages, etc.
  • OPML: MindMapping, Outliner, etc.

NEURONprocessor with a Team

To obtain more information in your projects, you simply build your own dedicated project team out of the NEURONprocessor user network. This can be composed out of experts in your field or great universal thinkers.

The following team functions are available to you:

Team building for your assignments

If you want to realize an assignment with a team, then simply invite the members (solvers) of your choice. Alternatively post an assignment for all members (Solver) and define the required number of missions.

Team Status

Status indicators within the NEURONprocessor inform you about the course of your project. For example, if a team member has completed his mission. Via the assignment status you indicate your team the progress of your project.

Team communication and collaboration

Optionally, you can specify how the cooperation and communication should take place within your team: via email, cloud services, collaboration tool, etc., or with a cup of coffee ….

NEURONprocessor Apps:

Whether it´s web browser, tablet or iPad: it’s up to you!

PC / Notebook / Tablet

On these devices all the NEURONprocessor functions are available via your web-browser: single application, team function and solver network. All modern stationary and mobile operating systems are compatible: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, … .

NEURONprocessor Web Application »

Apple iPad

On the iPad you can use our native iPad app and almost any web browser. The iPad app does not require a connection to the Internet. Organizations and authorities, that do not allow on-line services (SAS), can use the iPad app for internal and secure data acquisition with the NEURONprocessor.

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Do you want to register for free and get started right away?

Using the NEURONprocessor is and will remain free. Plus, you will get free access to its companion app NEURONpublisher, as both are sharing the same user account. This allows you to prepare your NEURONprocessor data and publish it worldwide via the integrated NEURONpublisher Store – for free or a defined price of your choice.

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Do you want to learn to be and to stay a professional NEURONprocessor user?

Then simply book our “Learn and Apply” program. You will have access to all the materials and resources you need to become and stay a NEURONprocessor professional: Via learning, looking up, references and regular new content, … .

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    Basic research has been around since the 70s until today at SRI – Stanford Research Institute. At the ISFR – Institute for Perception, Awareness and Brain Research – we conducted applied research from 1994 to 2006. Since 2006, we continued the work at the NEURONprocessing Institute to convert modern brain research into practical methods and software.

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