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In this video we show you, how easy you can access your brain on a much deeper level compared to everyday thinking. With the approach shown in the video, you will achieve better information, solutions, concepts, … leading to an acceleration in the implementation of your goals and projects.

In addition, the NEURONprocessor allows you to use “associative perception”: realize without little prior knowledge possible or probable information scenarios.

You can work alone, with a team or in our skilled user network – as we did to realize our proofs on TV.

The registration is without any obligation and commits you for nothing. We also do not like spam, and we will use your email only to communicate with you.

Here some examples of the many  possible applications:

Acceleration of developments & projects | People: Profiles and personal development | Problem solving | Business & Human Resources | Corporate & project development | Criminology & Investigations | Technological developments | Future Research | Science | …

Therein we show you the application of the NEURONprocessor for your own projects. From creating an assignment on how to conduct a fascinating “brain mission”, up to the revision and analysis of your generated data.

We are currently updating the webinar. Please sign up to be informed when the free webinar is available.

Use the introductory webinar as a guide to become familiar with the NEURONprocessor and take the first steps. Then you will start to create real projects and get used to the software. With each practice mission you will already acquire usable results and your brain will be conditioned to this new mode of operation. Again, practice makes perfect. Hereafter you’ll probably use the NEURONprocessor for all of your projects aiming on obtaining information, finding solutions and acceleration. What a word processor means for writing – the NEURONprocessor means for the deeper access to your brain: an effective tool.

The program aims on the profound learning of the NEURONprocessor theoretically and practically. It accompanies you permanently beyond learning into your everyday professional usage of the NEURONprocessor. In addition, we give you the following skills: team work (swarm intelligence), analysis techniques and the integration of analytical data into your projects. But there is even more included into the program:

  • Optional participation in the respective project of the week
  • Tip of the week for professional applications
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Option to take part in our exclusive Training Camps
  • Monthly TV Podcast
  • Option for certification after one year

And all of this packed in a NEURONpublisher online book to wich you have access from anywhere with any device – including flashcards, notes function and much, much more ….

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