Use more Brain

You will learn to train and optimize your brain

and how to increase your associative perception

Expanded use of your brain

The NEURONprocessor software allows you a much deeper access to your brain than this is possible in everyday thinking. You can achieve better and more integrated information, solutions, concepts, … leading to accelerated implementation of your goals and projects.

Use your brain associatively

In addition, the NEURONprocessor allows you associative perception: gain possible or probable information with little previous knowledge – e.g. in the clarification of causes or solving of mental blockades.

The NEURONprocessor is based on applied brain science

Thomas Tankiewicz

“After your training you are able to carry out your projects significantly better and faster. In addition, you will discover endless new possible applications. We have already demonstrated several times on TV, how far-reaching NEURONprocessor´s associative perception can be.”

Thomas TankiewiczHead of Institute


Learn via eLearning at home or on the road

All learning content is published inside the interactive NEURONpublisher textbook “NEURONprocessor Learn and Apply”. You simply order your access to the book via our NEURONpublisher Store. You can start immediately right after and study your learning content at any time at your own speed.

During the learning phase, you are simply advancing in a chronological order. During your practical application the textbook serves you as a reference by using it´s extensive search functions. For each learning content you can create custom notes and flashcards. In addition, you can record your exercises and applications for each content.

“NEURONprocessor Learn and Apply” is your permanent companion: from the start – up to the daily practical work. The application of NEURONprocessor is taught in the form of text, cross-references, graphics and videos.

The start and the core of the e-learning are made of practical exercises that you carry out with your own schedule inside the NEURONprocessor software. Thus, the real benefit opens up immediately from the beginning. For each exercise, you have the option of an individual coaching, for the purpose of feedback and optimization.

1. Learning period

In the theoretical section you will learn some basics on the functioning of our brain: structure, programming, mechanisms of human perception, etc.. In the practical section you will learn working with the NEURONprocessor software and the underlying method. Practical applications will show you the many possibilities of using your brain more effectively and extensively.

2. Learning period

You will learn how to evaluate and analyze your assignments. Then we will teach you, how you can work with your own team and how you can collaborate on the implementation of the data. To this end, we show you concrete solutions and how to use them with the NEURONprocessor. We cover the range from classical teamwork up to collaboration tools.

3. Learning period

You will learn how to prepare the data your gained with the NEURONprocessor in a report. Then you will learn about the possibilities of implementation – e.g. for yourself, at the customer or at your company / organization. Optionally, we will show you how to easily publish your gained data with the NEUROnpublisher – for free or commercially.

All included features

We know what we are talking about

Because we work every day with the NEURONprocessor and it´s development was driven by our own professional requirements. Thus, you get access to the best know-how for your learning and application.

Learn on site or in your company?

If you want to learn at your place or in your company / organization, simply arrange this with us. Please contact us.

You would like organize a training?

Fine – We are open to your ideas as an organizer or promotor. Just talk to us. The same applies to lectures and keynotes.

Composition of learning

Practical relevance


A few impressions from our seminars and training camps:

Take us at our word …

What users say about us!

Karin B.

The NEURONprocessor has become a tool to me, to get more out of my brain: information that can not surface in my busy everyday life.

Karin B.Architecture with the NEURONprocessor
Hendrik B.

Since I use the NEURONprocessor, I do not longer have the problem, to circle around a problem, when I have to take a decision.

Hendrik B.CEOuses the NEURONprocessor
Dirk R.

I use the NEURONprocessor with my development team, to overcome mental barriers and development hurdles. Since then, everything runs much smoother and my projects are moving ahead.

Dirk R.R&D Healthcareuses the NEURONprocessor
Christoph K.

As a pan-European Sports-Mental Coach, I use the NEURONprocessor to reveal hidden potential in my supervised junior and elite athletes.

Christoph K.Trainer & Coachuses the NEURONprocessor

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