All functions in detail

See all the functions, the NEURONpublisher gives you as an author:

NEURONpublisher Author:

Write or import your content into multimedia online books.

The NEURONpublisher author provides you all the tools necessary to prepare your content and publish it on NEURONpublisher Store. Compared to static web pages, blogs, ebooks and printed books you can modify and expand your content on a daily basis – so the changes will be available and visible to your readers immediately.

The following content categories are available:


Give your content headlines and sort them at any time according to your requirements.


Write new text or import your text from any source: Word, Pages, etc..

Cross-references to other content

Combine your content with each other to form relationships.

Images & Grafics

Import your graphics and pictures and access them any time when designing your content.

Videos & Tutorials

Integrate your YouTube videos, webinar recordings, tutorials, etc. via the YouTube video ID.


Use the notes function for your notes and to do lists.

Publish your content

Publish your content only after its completion or make it invisible again, when you are working on it.

Export: Web, PDF, eBook, Book, App, …

Export your finished content as a Web page, for an eBook or print on demand project. Our experienced team helps you with your publication:
eBook & Book Inquiry

If you want to get an app based on your content, our developer team gets this done:
Mobile App Request

NEURONpublisher Store:

Publish your content as a self publisher at any time.

With just one click you publish your content worldwide on the NEURONpublisher Store. You decide freely on the sale price – starting from “for free” to … $. You only share 10% of your revenues with us – for the maintenance, development and marketing of the NEURONpublisher Publisher.

The NEURONpublisher Store works realy easy:

Free choice of the selling price

You will not be bound by any restrictions regarding your sale price and there is no need for a commitment to exclusively publish of your content on NEURONpublisher Publisher Store.

90% Author royalty

Even on the author’s royalty we are fair because we pay 90% of your turnover. And that immediately when a purchase takes place and not weeks later in connection with complicated billing.

Simple catalog data

Even the preparation for sale in the store remains simple:

You only write a brief description and simply define the content which should be used as the reading sample. Then you set your sales price – except you want to provide it for free. Finally you publish your content with a simple click – thats it!

Marketing links

Similar to YouTube you can use a link to promote your NEURONpublisher content on your web site or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, …).

Interessante Inhalte in unserem wachsenden NEURONpublisher Store:

Register & Go Premium

Account TypeFree AccountPremium Account
for your projects
250 MB Space for your:
Graphics and images
1GB Space for your:
Graphics, images and export files
Book TypesOnline BooksOnline Books and export to: PDF, HTML and ePUB
Payout for your online Books with a sales price90% immediately on a successful purchase90% immediately on a successful purchase
Our sales provision for your online Books with a sales price10% on your defined price 10% on your defined price
PriceFree5,- €
ConditionsFree forever5,- € / month payable yearly: 60,- €
InstructionsSimply go the the NEURONpublisher landing page and click on “Register” in the top barYou need to be registered and logged in to activate your Premium features: See the top right corner “Go Premium”

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