In this webinar, we will show you the basic functions of NEURONprocessor:

  • Create a user account – unless you do not have one.
  • Check for new features and updates to the application, so you can consider these in your work with the app.
  • Formulate for each of your projects an assignment, which provides your brain with a precise specification of what information is required. Focussing your brain on a given task is essential for the proper acquisition of the necessary information with the NEURONprocessor.
  • Send your brain on a mission. Like an agent who needs to obtain important information. Because our brain learns and works best when it has fun doing it.
  • Revising your mission data.
  • Analyze the obtained data. The separation of data acquisition and data analysis is essential to the NEURONprocessor. Because in “daily operation” our brain analyzes perceived information too much in patterns, which is vital in everyday life. But this leads to misinterpretations and prevents us from accessing the underlying information.
  • Integrate your obtained data immediately into your work in progress, projects, troubleshooting, etc..
  • Copy your NEURONprocessor data – for example in form of::
    • TEXT: Word, Pages, etc.
    • OPML: Mind Mapping, Outliner, etc.
The next step for people who want to “get more” out of their brain …

What is the NEURONprocessor?

Here you can find the NEURONprocessor description


We are the organizer of this Webinar: the NEURONprocessing Institute

Your host: Thomas Tankiewicz

He has demonstrated since 1997 on various TV shows, evidence for increased brain access as part of his research at the “ISFR – Institute for Brain Research and Future Research”. After 2006 the insights he gathered since 1994, became part of his new NEURONprocessing Institute, which has also developed the NEURONprocessor – a software for associative perception. Say, you will benefit directly from the original source of this high-quality knowledge.

What requirements should I bring?

Basically, anyone can participate. Helpful is a curiosity to discover new possibilities of perception and intelligence gathering.

Duration of the webinar?

The webinar will take about 60 minutes. The webinar can be viewed at any time.

Costs to participate?

The webinar is free and clear of any obligations etc..

NEURONprocessor Learn and Apply

You want to use the NEURONprocessor professionally right from the start? Then we recommend our NEURONprocessor Learn and Apply program.

Where do I sign up to join?

We are currently updating the webinar. Please sign up to be informed when the webinar is available.

In the meantime register your free NEURONprocessor user account, so you can follow the sequences shown in the webinar:

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