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As an institute, we now turn to the development of new knowledge and innovative solutions, concepts and products that help shape our future. We offer our applications and our know-how:

NEURONprocessing »

Institute for Brain & Future Research

NEURONprocessor »

Brain & perception management

NEURONcreator »

Innovative think tank with fair prices

NEURONpublisher »

Publish even interactive online books and eBooks

BRAINfood »

Human brain, neurobiology, neurology, neuroinformatics, psychology, ethics and concepts such as learning, consciousness, thinking, language, emotion and free will.

NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.5

We have uploaded a new update. Here are the most important changes.

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NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.4

Today we have uploaded a new update. Here are the most important changes.

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Authors and Content wanted: Online Books, eLearning and eBooks

We are looking for authors and interesting content: expert knowledge, books, texts, scientific papers, training materials, scripts, diploma theses, … in order to be published on our NEURONpublisher Store: Online Books, eLearning and eBooks.

With the NEURONpublisher we opened up a completely new “distribution channel”, allowing you to earn money with your already existing content. You will realize 90% margin on sales – with immediate payout! This is far more then via eBook Publishing – and without any technical effort.

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NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.1

Hello everyone,

the new update 2.1.1 brings the following changes:

  • When you create a new book, the NEURONpublisher automatically adds your firstname and lastname as it’s author if you have your firstname and lastname stored inside the settings.
  • Images can now be replaced directly and you no longer need to delete an old image and upload a new one. Use “Edit Images” to select the image you want to change. Then click on the preview image and upload a new one.
  • Movies can now be changed. It is no longer required to add and assign a new movie and delete the old one. Use “Edit Movie” to select the movie you want to change. There you can change the YouTube ID.


Your NEURONpublisher Team

NEURONpublisher 2.1.0 Update brings subscriptions to online books

Hello everyone,

with the new update 2.1.0 we are introducing a new payment method to the NEURONpublisher. With this update it is possible to sell online books with subscriptions. This payment method is useful for online books with permanently added content like e.g. eLearning books. The reader has the option to renew his subscription at the end of each subscription period. The subscription will not be extended automatically compared to other subscription models, so the reader has the freedom to extend his subscription if he wants to. The reader decides how long his subscription will last. More freedom within a subscription model is not feasible.

Below is a list of all updates:

  • You can now sell books with subscriptions. All subscribers receive payment notifications about the upcoming payments 2 weeks and ca. 2 days before – plus when the subscription ended. The subscription extension is optional. If the subscriber does not renew the subscription, he has no longer access to the book. The subscriber will also receive a notification when an author removes a book from the store. In this case the subscription will continue till the end of the payed subscription period.
  • In case an author publishes a book to the store, the payment method can no longer be changed afterwards.
  • Performance improvements.
  • UI bugs fixed

Dirk Jacobasch

NEURONprocessing Development

NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.0 ahead

We want to inform our registered NEURONpublisher user, about the upcoming NEURONpublisher update – right now on 13. Juli 2015 16:00 CEST. During this period of time the server will not be available. We will post as soon as the server is back online.


NEURONpublisher is “Best of Category” at the germany “Innovation Award IT 2015”

Again – after 2012 – the NEURONpublisher is “Best of Category – eLearning” at the germany “Innovation Award IT 2015“. More details to follow soon!


BestOf E-Learning 2015

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