Think Tank

New Thinking & Fresh ideas

Inside the NEURONcreator Think Tank, we use the NEURONprocessor to develop new ideas, new knowledge, innovative solutions, concepts and products, etc. We are doing this for our own projects and on behalf of our customers. The latter own their results exclusively.

We, for example, use our think tank to create solutions and concepts in reaction to current events and for future-oriented topics.

Beauftragen & Umsetzen

If you do not have time to work with the NEURONprocessor for yourself, you can simply buy the services of our NEURONcreator Think Tank.

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Optionally, we offer support regarding the integration and implementation (coming soon) of our delivered results and for setting up your own team & department ».

Services and Benefits

A new kind of Think Tank with the following services and benefits

Key Information

Additional knowledge from the NEURONcreator Think Tank contains key information providing a superior information perspective – a kind

“Knowledge map”

These knowledge maps are containing a wealth of information helping you in achieving your goals faster: project realization, solutions, etc. .

New thinking IN & internal view OUT

The additional knowledge from the NEURONcreator Think Tank reduces the internal view of your projects and undertakings. Your internal view is inevitably “programmed” in the form of established patterns of thought and perception. The effect applies to a single person and also to organizations, departments, teams, ….

With the NEURONcreator Think Tank you are going to accelerate!

Advanced knowledge base

Our Think Tank expands your idea and knowledge base for the following applications:

  1. Ideation
  2. Concept development
  3. Product development
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Decisions
  6. Projects
  7. And many more applications …

Experience and Areas

Our Think Tank has experience in the following areas:

  1. Companies
  2. Authorities & NGOs
  3. Research & Teaching
  4. Business & SME’s
  5. Private & Personal
  6. Press & Media
  7. And other areas …

Brainstorming or Project

In a NEURONcreator Brainstorming, a single certified solver* makes a brainstorming using the NEURONprocessor for the task defined by the customer. The data is revised before transfering it to the customer.

In case of a NEURONcreator Project, certified solvers* collectively work together. They are using the NEURONprocessor to develop solutions and concepts requested by the customer. The data are evaluated and analyzed before handing over to the customer.

* “Certified NEURONprocessor-Solver”:
Certified problem solver and solution developer who successfully completed its training as a NEURONprocessor Solver. He obtains his certificate active through regular and successful missions using the NEURONprocessor software.

A new kind of Think Tank with the following advantages:

Guaranteed Results
You always get useful results.

Short-term data
The required data is available in the short term and as planned – as a text, outline, or MindMap file.

Refining at any time
You can make a low cost start – with the option to refine aspects of interest later.

Anonymous & Confidential
The anonymity within the NEURONcreator Think Tank is guaranteed at all times!