1. Feasibility

We examine incoming brainstorming and project inquiries in regard to their feasibility and will get back to you in case of a question. For a brainstorming inquiry we need your topic in question. For a project inquiry we need the description of your initial situation and goal.

If the feasibility is given, the detailed queries needed for the NEURONcreator Think Tank will be formulated together with us.

2. Effort based pricing

The price for an order is derived from the number of queries. A query is a concrete question within the scope of an order. The more questions you ask, the greater the effort involved in the answer. To convince yourself of the performance of our think tank, we recommend our brainstorming or just a few questions: see pricing »

3. Payment

Payment of an order is 50% in advance and 50% after transmission of the data. If the 1st payment is received, the order will be processed within 3 – 7 business days.

4. Generating the data

We realize your ordered data 100% anonymously with the NEURONprocessor – the central working tool of our Think Tank. The data is generated through the usage of the software by our “Solver team”. Subsequently the data is evaluated by our certified analysts. All parties involved in the project are bound by secrecy (non-disclosure agreement).

5. Applying results

The results are then sent as a Word and Mind Map file. The new information is simply evaluated and integrated into your respective project, undertaking or solution.

6. Queries

We are always at your disposal for queries and we can help to implement your new data. These can optionally be further refined in particularly important points through a follow up order.

How to test the NEURONcreator ThinkTank?

It is a good idea to first test the NEURONcreator Think Tank with a brainstorming or a project with few core questions at a low cost.

If the data has convinced you, these can be refined in a follow up order.